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  • The Unexpected Journey To A Symphony Of Lights

    The Unexpected Journey To A Symphony Of Lights

    When I recall the Novembers and Decembers of my childhood, they were all inevitably bathed in a blissful light. I remember the frenzied revelry, the cheery carolers and the landscapes of giant parolas and twinkling Christmas lights. Then, memories of the long journey to the grand finale of the “ber” months flood through me. While it seems a lifetime ago, I could vividly recall waiting for the gift unwrapping ceremony, Santa’s surprise presents and the kaleidoscopic skies splashed by a variety of fireworks.  And, on a cold winter evening, these recollections flashed into mind on our A Symphony of Lights Hong Kong journey. Truthfully, I felt like a kid again…

  • The Eternal Pursuit Of Wonder In San Fernando, Cebu

    The Eternal Pursuit Of Wonder In San Fernando, Cebu

    The eternal pursuit of wonder… began on a hill. It began the day when we saw a thick blanket of fog rolling over the mountainside of San Fernando, Cebu. As the crisp cool breeze brushed past me, I could hear Mother Nature herself whispering gently words to my ears. “A chain of adventures is coming”, she said. And, even with the dark grey skies and rain showers, I sensed an extraordinary and eye-opening escapade coming our way. With our happy hormones released and adrenaline running in our veins, we went on a strangely wonderful journey that turned into an endless chase of wonder. More than a year later, we arrived…

  • The Hill Without A Name In Naga Cebu

    The Hill Without A Name In Naga Cebu

    Fate is a shifting, unsolvable puzzle of mystery. Like a small swirling sandstorm, fate persistently shifts directions. One day, you feel like you’re on top of the world or the king of Naga Cebu, destined for greatness. The next day, momentum shifts, and your life seems to be going on a downward spiral.   What if the philosophers had it all wrong? Didn’t they say our destiny is written in the stars? Didn’t a wise man once say “once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen”? Aren’t we supposed to find our purpose or “biggest why” and nurture it? And, is there really such thing as…

  • Florentino’s Eco Park Cebu: An Oasis Of Beauty

    Florentino’s Eco Park Cebu: An Oasis Of Beauty

    Life, in Cebu, is a whirlwind. From hard-working employees climbing the corporate ladder to whizzing motorcycle drivers, everyone’s in constant motion and in a mad rush on our developing island. Heck, even a little sightseeing in Cebu, with a rapid stream of sights and sounds, can feel like a chaotic, blockbuster “Avengers” movie. Luckily, despite the rapid urban modernization, there are still tons of mountainous oases and family-friendly attractions in Cebu where busy people can unwind and relax. And, one of the newest and most picturesque mountain resorts in Cebu is Florentino’s Eco Park. When Florentino’s Eco Park opened its doors a year ago, it became a hit. With thousands…