• 20 Mesmerizing Bohol Tourist Spots

    20 Mesmerizing Bohol Tourist Spots

    Bohol, with picture-perfect landscapes and stunning coastlines, is truly a haven of enticing natural beauty. From its rolling hills to a thriving underwater world, there are plenty of insanely beautiful Bohol tourist spots for nature lovers. Drenched in history and culture, the island province also teems with impressive relics and ruins from the bygone Spanish colonial era. And, like its neighbor Cebu, Bohol has loads of hidden gems and peculiarities that make it a charming, must-visit island in the Philippines. Visiting the island soon, but don’t know where to go in Bohol, Philippines? Need some tips and recommendations for things to do in Bohol? Well, you might want to check…

  • Florentino’s Eco Park Cebu: An Oasis Of Beauty

    Florentino’s Eco Park Cebu: An Oasis Of Beauty

    Life, in Cebu, is a whirlwind. From hard-working employees climbing the corporate ladder to whizzing motorcycle drivers, everyone’s in constant motion and in a mad rush on our developing island. Heck, even a little sightseeing in Cebu, with a rapid stream of sights and sounds, can feel like a chaotic, blockbuster “Avengers” movie. Luckily, despite the rapid urban modernization, there are still tons of mountainous oases and family-friendly attractions in Cebu where busy people can unwind and relax. And, one of the newest and most picturesque mountain resorts in Cebu is Florentino’s Eco Park. When Florentino’s Eco Park opened its doors a year ago, it became a hit. With thousands…

  • The Unplanned Sweet Escape At JVR Island In The Sky

    The Unplanned Sweet Escape At JVR Island In The Sky

    A warm ray of light woke me up on a fine and easygoing Saturday. And, even with the blistering summer heat, I felt like it was going to be a beautiful and fruitful day. Moments later, I found myself standing on a crossroad with two roads leading to different directions. The road on my right was the gateway to hours of binging, blockbuster movies and Facebook soap operas showing pilot episodes every five minutes. And, the other road was a blank canvas. As tempting as the first option was, I had to go with the blank canvas. Like an abstract painter, I prepared my tools and made my first stroke.…

  • Udlom Falls: The Mesmerizing And Towering Cascade Of Lamac, Cebu

    Udlom Falls: The Mesmerizing And Towering Cascade Of Lamac, Cebu

    I thought I had everything figured out. With the sweet sound of gushing waters, I thought we were on the right path to catching one of Cebu’s highest and most underrated waterfalls – Udlom Falls. At last, I’m going to get an up close look of Udlom Falls, after a failed attempt. Ever since I first laid eyes on it on my visit to Hidden Valley, I’ve been itching and dreaming of seeing it up close. A surreal mixture of a cave and a waterfall, it is absolutely an awe-inspiring sight to behold. And, even though it was a little late, I did like our chances. I’ve always been confident…