• Buwakan Ni Alejandra: Balamban’s Surprisingly Wonderful Garden

    Buwakan Ni Alejandra: Balamban’s Surprisingly Wondrous Garden

    It all started with a picture. An eye-catching drone shot showcasing the vibrant greens, reds and yellows of Buwakan Ni Alejandra. Shortly after, photos of it went viral online, sending Cebu’s social media users into a frenzy. Fascinated by the photo albums, dozens of visitors, then, flocked to Buwakan ni Alejandra to see its gorgeous blooms. Since then, Balamban became a sought-after spot for tourists and locals yearning for a quick break from their daily grind. And, as far as I’m concerned, it sparked a tsunami of new attractions in Cantipla and Balamban, Cebu. Yet, even with its immense appeal, I wasn’t really interested in seeing Buwakan ni Alejandra. When…

  • Mount Mauyog: A Memorable Trek Despite The Misses And Setbacks

    Mount Mauyog: A Memorable Trek Despite The Misses And Setbacks

    The internet, in spite of its groundbreaking solutions, sometimes just doesn’t have the right answers to some of our questions. Although there’s a wealth of tips and advice online, there are times when the tips and run-downs shared to us are a little outdated and puzzling. Even when you are searching info on sought-after spots, you’ll find dissimilar answers and vague explanations. Just recently, I learned this lesson the hard way, in the midst of our trek to one of Cebu’s most beloved peaks – Mount Mauyog. Don’t get me wrong – there are a lot of bloggers who have made incredible write-ups and posts about Mount Mauyog. From Cebuano…