• 13 Amazing Things To Do In Danao, Cebu

    13 Amazing Things To Do In Danao, Cebu

    Danao – a city known for its homemade guns – isn’t the first place that comes into mind when people think of travel destinations in Cebu.  For years, the city of Danao has been overshadowed by the famed South Cebu attractions.  Naïve and close-minded, the younger version of me once thought there weren’t a lot of fun and blissful things to do in Danao, Cebu. But, guess what? I eventually found out that the city is actually blessed with a wealth of natural wonders and man-made marvels for the intrepid and open-minded explorers. As a matter of fact, it’s today officially one of my go-to local destinations when I badly…

  • Balamban Cebu And The Fruitless Pursuit Of Adventure

    Balamban Cebu And The Fruitless Pursuit Of Adventure

    A fearless confidant will, no doubt, surprise you. With an insatiable appetite for adventure, an adventurous friend will entice your wanderlust, and encourage you to explore unsung places. And, more importantly, this intrepid person will push you out of your comfort zone, adding more color and spice to your life. From exploring international cities to hitting local towns like Balamban, Cebu, my risk-taking buddies had surely infused a heavy dose of adventure to my life through a smorgasbord of surprising escapades. But, sometimes, having them around can feel like more of a curse than a blessing. Sure, they are a whirlwind of fun and excitement, but they can also lead…

  • Fort San Pedro: A Beguiling Game Changer In Philippine History

    Fort San Pedro: A Beguiling Game Changer In Philippine History

    Somewhere, inside my mind, a different version of Cebu exists. Energetic, diverse and youthful, this personal adaptation of Cebu dazzles with an endless string of mesmerizing attractions. In fact, it beckons thousands of travelers annually, thanks to its majestic waterfalls and photogenic peaks. But, unlike our universe’s Cebu, my version barely has any Spanish churches and historic sites, like Fort San Pedro. Instead, it boasts a wondrous blend of eye-catching Hindu temples, colorful mosques and elaborate stupas. With a mosaic of ethnic communities, this fictional Cebu somehow reminds me of the multifaceted Singapore and Bangkok.   And, there are no famed Spanish-era Cebu tourist spots here, such as Basilica del…

  • Mount Lanhan: A Silver Lining Tucked In Sibonga’s Highlands

    Mount Lanhan: A Silver Lining In Sibonga’s Highlands

    They say every cloud has a silver lining. And on an uneventful week scarred by a series of mishaps, Mount Lanhan was my silver lining. Unheralded and likely scenic, Sibonga’s towering sierra was my last hope of kicking off the year on the right foot. In spite of the unfamiliarity and rumored short trail, I was willing to take a chance on this mountain. I had to infuse the optimism that makes things more fascinating and beautiful in my eyes. And, Mount Lanhan might be the hopeful prospect or cure to a seemingly lifeless week. A few months ago, one of my hiking buddies, Beth, forwarded a Facebook post highlighting…