• Florentino’s Eco Park Cebu: An Oasis Of Beauty

    Florentino’s Eco Park Cebu: An Oasis Of Beauty

    Life, in Cebu, is a whirlwind. From hard-working employees climbing the corporate ladder to whizzing motorcycle drivers, everyone’s in constant motion and in a mad rush on our developing island. Heck, even a little sightseeing in Cebu, with a rapid stream of sights and sounds, can feel like a chaotic, blockbuster “Avengers” movie. Luckily, despite the rapid urban modernization, there are still tons of mountainous oases and family-friendly attractions in Cebu where busy people can unwind and relax. And, one of the newest and most picturesque mountain resorts in Cebu is Florentino’s Eco Park. When Florentino’s Eco Park opened its doors a year ago, it became a hit. With thousands…