• Buwakan Ni Alejandra: Balamban’s Surprisingly Wonderful Garden

    Buwakan Ni Alejandra: Balamban’s Surprisingly Wondrous Garden

    It all started with a picture. An eye-catching drone shot showcasing the vibrant greens, reds and yellows of Buwakan Ni Alejandra. Shortly after, photos of it went viral online, sending Cebu’s social media users into a frenzy. Fascinated by the photo albums, dozens of visitors, then, flocked to Buwakan ni Alejandra to see its gorgeous blooms. Since then, Balamban became a sought-after spot for tourists and locals yearning for a quick break from their daily grind. And, as far as I’m concerned, it sparked a tsunami of new attractions in Cantipla and Balamban, Cebu. Yet, even with its immense appeal, I wasn’t really interested in seeing Buwakan ni Alejandra. When…

  • Terrazas De Flores Botanical Garden: Cebu’s Breezy Floral Nirvana
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    Terrazas De Flores Botanical Garden: Cebu’s Breezy Floral Nirvana

    I always look forward to spending some quality time with my family every Sunday. From our traditional lunch get-togethers at Ayala to the road trips down south, Sundays with my folks just evoke a positive, blissful and easygoing feeling. But, lately, we’ve been pretty grounded with our getaways and excursions, thanks to our busy schedules.  That’s why I decided to surprise my wife (Mrs. Bisaya Traveler) and the rest of the family to a quick retreat to Terrazas De Flores Botanical Garden in Busay, Cebu. Even though it was a quick escape to Cebu’s cool highlands, I must say our Terrazas De Flores visit was nothing short of pleasant. Trust…

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    Sirao Flower Garden: The Vividly Beautiful Mini Amsterdam Of Cebu

    Sirao Flower Garden, fondly nicknamed as Mini Amsterdam in Cebu, was a buzzing and trending topic that headlined our social media channels in 2015. Often billed as one of the most eye-catching spots in Cebu, this hidden garden was flooding our Facebook feeds, and luring people from all over the island with its fiery celosia flowers and stunning landscapes. With its immense popularity and extraordinary beauty, the place instantly became a hot-spot for selfies, nature photography and pre-nuptial pictorials. As with most curious Filipinos and millennials in the city, I was so intrigue by this vivid garden that I decided to go to Sirao Flower Garden, even though it was…