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    How The Mountains Are Secretly Teaching Us Stoicism

    An overactive imagination can be both a blessing and a curse.  On the bright side, my imagination can spin a thousand of beautiful scenarios and visualize infinite possibilities in mere seconds. Even when I’m isolated in a cold and dark room, there’s never a dull or boring moment with my playful imagination.  While it often fills my mind with colors and positive energy, it can also pave the road to over thinking and anxiety. And, I had been dealing with anxiety, my entire life, creating conspiracies and imagining bloody scenarios. But, anxiety vanished slowly when I began traveling and hiking. Then, I learned the ultimate vaccine to anxiety: Stoicism. The…

  • Tuyukon Peak And The Universe’s Healthiest Addiction

    Tuyukon Peak And The Universe’s Healthiest Addiction

    We were all guilty. As my eyes wandered around, I saw a bunch of people blithely indulging on their addiction. Ecstatic and thrilled, we sniffed and inhaled a natural mixture that would lead us to our “paradise”. A rush of chemicals, then, flowed throughout our systems, giving us a high and a feeling of contentment.  We were all addicts. And, we were drifting in a sea of sensory stimuli, from nature’s sound symphonies to the shades of greens in Tuyukon Peak. This is our addiction. This is our escape from reality. This is what we call hiking. And, this is our drug of choice. It was a beautiful Sunday morning…

  • Manutu River: Memoirs Of A Que Sera Sera Adventure

    Manutu River: Memoirs Of A Que Sera Sera Adventure

    Was it simply luck that had caused me to turn down this street? Or, was it a fabric of the grand tapestry that the universe had in store for me? As I walked down this street in Gaas with my friends, I wondered what the eventualities are for this random, unplanned hike. Will it end with a breathtaking view from an untouched mountain? Are we going to see the photogenic boulders and waters of Manutu River? Will we get wonderfully lost again in the middle of nowhere in Cebu’s highlands? Just like everyone else in the group, I was completely clueless on how this hike was going to end. As…

  • Lake Bensis: Beauty That Launched A Thousand Ships

    Lake Bensis: Beauty That Launched A Thousand Ships

    When I was little, I would think of a million ways to find my own version of Helen of Troy. At the school library, I’d spend hours reading Greek mythology, hoping to find clues on the whereabouts of my own Helen. Of course, I had no plans of marrying an adulterer or an enchantress like her. The truth is, I was just so curious and eager to see a face that could launch a thousand ships. And, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I’d discover her in a remote area of Toledo, Cebu. As the fresh breeze was gently blowing in my face, I gazed at the…