• Taginis Falls Moalboal And The Alchemy Of Adventure

    Taginis Falls Moalboal And The Adventure Alchemist

    Everyone is, in their own unique way, a brilliant and innovative alchemist. While not everybody has the knowledge and ability to create sparkling golden nuggets, we are all capable of formulating something special. From engineering game-changing architectural wonders to cracking jokes, each one is an alchemist with a special place in the universe’s grand puzzle.  Heck, even a traveler or explorer like me is an alchemist. Trust me, organizing a simple adventure in places like Taginis Falls is a work of art in itself. I, for one, see myself as an alchemist of adventure. And, an architect of my own happiness. Even with limited sources and budget, I can forge…

  • Mount Lanhan: A Silver Lining Tucked In Sibonga’s Highlands

    Mount Lanhan: A Silver Lining In Sibonga’s Highlands

    They say every cloud has a silver lining. And on an uneventful week scarred by a series of mishaps, Mount Lanhan was my silver lining. Unheralded and likely scenic, Sibonga’s towering sierra was my last hope of kicking off the year on the right foot. In spite of the unfamiliarity and rumored short trail, I was willing to take a chance on this mountain. I had to infuse the optimism that makes things more fascinating and beautiful in my eyes. And, Mount Lanhan might be the hopeful prospect or cure to a seemingly lifeless week. A few months ago, one of my hiking buddies, Beth, forwarded a Facebook post highlighting…

  • Panadtaran, San Fernando: Unleashing My Inner Carefree Child

    Panadtaran, San Fernando: Unleashing My Inner Carefree Child

    When we were kids, all we wanted in life was to be grown-ups. Back then, the idea of becoming an adult was so alluring. We daydreamed about our ability to make our own decisions and live life on our terms. Ironically, we, years later, realize that those were the best years of our lives. As matter of fact, most of us wish that we could travel back in time to the carefree years of our youth. As kids, we thought adulthood means absolute freedom. But, the reality is, it’s mostly stress and responsibilities. On the bright side, there are still plenty of ways to temporarily escape the pressures and burdens…

  • 15 Amazingly Exciting Things To Do In Toledo, Cebu

    17 Amazingly Exciting Things To Do In Toledo, Cebu

    My first visit to Toledo city is the embodiment of the saying “there’s beauty in the unknown”. A few years ago, nobody thought this city would turn into a booming adventure epicenter for travelers, nature lovers and thrill seekers. Heck, even locals and residents said that there aren’t interesting and worthwhile things to do in Toledo. Truthfully, Toledo didn’t even make it in my own Cebu travel wish list. Even so, I decided to dive into the unknown, and explore the place they aptly nicknamed as “Copper City with a heart of gold”.  And, guess what? After unleashing my inner explorer, I’ve discovered plenty of striking natural marvels as well…