• Pescador Island and Sardines Run: Cebu's Underwater Spectacles

    Pescador Island and Sardines Run: Cebu’s Underwater Spectacles

    Team Bang, since its inception, has been setting its sights on Pescador Island and the dazzling sardines run. With its vibrant underwater world and gorgeous waters, Moalboal’s treasures have been, for months, luring us and teasing our wanderlust. And thankfully after almost a year of dreaming and yearning, we’ve finally experienced this underwater escapade in our recent round South trip in Cebu. To make things even better, we took a dip into a refreshing and ice-cold cascade in Ginatilan – Inambakan Falls. Truth be told, I wasn’t as psyched as everyone else in Team Bang, leading to our island hopping tour to Pescador Island.  Don’t get me wrong – I…