• Sirao Garden: Photogenic And Perpetually Evolving Cebu Attractions

    Sirao Garden: Photogenic And Perpetually Evolving Cebu Attractions

    What’s so special and nice about Sirao Garden? Why do so many people find it enthralling, and amazing? I had been asking those questions way back in 2016. When it opened years ago, I was one of the many locals who were engrossed and intrigued by the viral photos of Sirao Flower Farm. And, with enthusiasm and optimism, we drove all the way to Sirao, Cebu to admire the vivid celosia flowers of Sirao Garden. Sadly, Sirao Garden was a major letdown, as far as I’m concerned. And, truthfully, I thought that this new Cebu attraction wasn’t going to last for a year. As I was exploring the farm, all…

  • Mount Kan-irag: One Of The Most Scenic Lookouts In Cebu

    Mount Kan-irag: One Of The Most Scenic Lookouts In Cebu

    Exploring the scenic Mount Kan-irag was an absolute treat, and the icing of the cake to our most recent weekend adventure. Although we took the easier trail from Ayala Heights, it was still a lovely bonus, capping off a breathtaking and heart-pumping trek in Mount Babag. With its awe-inspiring panoramic views and fresh mountain breeze, Mount Kan-irag was for me one of the highlights of our awesome barkada trip! So, how did we get there? After bidding farewell to Marky and the rest of the club in Chalet Hills, we took a habal-habal ride by pairs to Ayala Heights.  Afterwards, we walked and talked for a few minutes within the…

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    Sirao Flower Garden: The Vividly Beautiful Mini Amsterdam Of Cebu

    Sirao Flower Garden, fondly nicknamed as Mini Amsterdam in Cebu, was a buzzing and trending topic that headlined our social media channels in 2015. Often billed as one of the most eye-catching spots in Cebu, this hidden garden was flooding our Facebook feeds, and luring people from all over the island with its fiery celosia flowers and stunning landscapes. With its immense popularity and extraordinary beauty, the place instantly became a hot-spot for selfies, nature photography and pre-nuptial pictorials. As with most curious Filipinos and millennials in the city, I was so intrigue by this vivid garden that I decided to go to Sirao Flower Garden, even though it was…