• Spartan Trail: Conquering Another Tough Adventure Playground In Cebu

    Spartan Trail: Conquering Another Tough Adventure Playground In Cebu

    Spartan Trail has been, for the few past months, one of the hikes that I kept hearing from other Cebu-based adventurers. From hardcore mountaineers and trail runners to fellow bloggers, there have been dozens of outdoor buffs saying that it can present quite a challenge for novice hiking aficionados like me. And from the sound of it, the trail does seem a thrilling adventure.  After all, I’ve always envisioned Spartans as ripped, fierce, agile and battle-scarred warriors with hard-rock abs. While I was sure that it won’t give me bulging biceps or six-packed abs, I knew for a fact that this trail will give me a tough workout. And so, I…

  • Temple of Leah

    Temple Of Leah: A Majestic Tribute Of Love In Cebu

    Temple Of Leah, just like India’s world-famous Taj Mahal, is a mesmerizing work of art built as a symbol of one man’s undying love to his beloved wife. Built in 2012 by business tycoon Teodorico Adarna – the grandfather of sexy actress Ellen Adarna, this huge edifice has been appeasing its visitors with its eye-catching statues, elaborate architecture and sweeping panoramas of Cebu.  While it’s not as grand, gigantic and spectacular as Taj Mahal, it is a majestic sight nonetheless that will give you a taste of ancient Rome and Greece.   Why visit Temple of Leah As you step inside the temple, you will feel like you are being…