• Fort San Pedro: A Beguiling Game Changer In Philippine History

    Fort San Pedro: A Beguiling Game Changer In Philippine History

    Somewhere, inside my mind, a different version of Cebu exists. Energetic, diverse and youthful, this personal adaptation of Cebu dazzles with an endless string of mesmerizing attractions. In fact, it beckons thousands of travelers annually, thanks to its majestic waterfalls and photogenic peaks. But, unlike our universe’s Cebu, my version barely has any Spanish churches and historic sites, like Fort San Pedro. Instead, it boasts a wondrous blend of eye-catching Hindu temples, colorful mosques and elaborate stupas. With a mosaic of ethnic communities, this fictional Cebu somehow reminds me of the multifaceted Singapore and Bangkok.   And, there are no famed Spanish-era Cebu tourist spots here, such as Basilica del…

  • Mount Lantawan: A Thrilling And Alluring Surprise In Danao, Cebu

    Mount Lantawan: A Thrilling And Alluring Surprise In Danao, Cebu

    The therapeutic breeze brushed past me, as I was standing on the summit of Mount Manghilao. Slowly, the untouched natural allure of Danao’s highlands was beautifully uncovering itself right in front of my eyes. Like a beautiful symphony, the dramatic foggy beauty of the mountain overflowed our hearts with gladness and optimism. I swear it was nothing short of awe-inspiring. And, in the midst of it all, we spotted a mysterious and wonderfully shaped mountain. Could be this the mountain they call Mount Lantawan? Was there a surprise or gorgeous panorama waiting for us at the summit of this mountain? And, make no mistake about it – this wasn’t the…

  • 15 Amazingly Exciting Things To Do In Toledo, Cebu

    17 Amazingly Exciting Things To Do In Toledo, Cebu

    My first visit to Toledo city is the embodiment of the saying “there’s beauty in the unknown”. A few years ago, nobody thought this city would turn into a booming adventure epicenter for travelers, nature lovers and thrill seekers. Heck, even locals and residents said that there aren’t interesting and worthwhile things to do in Toledo. Truthfully, Toledo didn’t even make it in my own Cebu travel wish list. Even so, I decided to dive into the unknown, and explore the place they aptly nicknamed as “Copper City with a heart of gold”.  And, guess what? After unleashing my inner explorer, I’ve discovered plenty of striking natural marvels as well…

  • 36 Incredibly Fun And Exciting Things To In Cebu

    41 Incredibly Fun Things To Do In Cebu

    Packed your vitamins? In a province jam-packed with adventures and sights, you’ll definitely need them, on your visit to Cebu. From cultural and historical riches to awe-inspiring natural marvels, there are a lot of insanely fun things to do in Cebu for all types of travelers. And, while I’ve been living in Cebu for decades, I still haven’t seen and experience every stunning sight and adrenaline-pumping diversion in this Southeast Asian hub. The way I see it, Cebu has a lifetime of adventures and experiences to offer to the open-minded and wide-eyed explorer. Traveling to the world’s 6th best island, but don’t know what to do in Cebu? Here are…